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How to Manifest Money Using the Law of Attraction

By Will To Manifest Team

November 12, 2020

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The law of attraction is the powerful law that is infinite and eternal and that governs the whole universe, and it is the law that is essential for everyone’s life. Throughout the world, many people are learning and practicing the law of attraction to manifest the life they are truly looking for including the change in relationships, health, money, happiness, joy, and well-being. Among all these, manifesting money is one of the biggest aspects of using the law of attraction. 


The law of attraction states that whatever you are focusing on you are attracting it towards yourself which means the life you are living is responding to each of your thought you are thinking. The whole universe is made up of energy including you and everything you are consciously and subconsciously aware of. Even your thoughts are nothing but energy waves. As everything is connected with the only infinite power which is the energy you can emit the frequency of the things you want through your mind to attract them. Hence, the same process is for attracting money and you can easily manifest money into your life as much as you desire. 


Before manifesting money you first need to understand the secret behind manifesting it. You have to gather and lift your emotional level for manifesting money, for this, you have to practice the positive thoughts whenever you feel like that you are not feeling the way you want to feel when you are having the wealth you truly desire for. You must tune into the frequency of wealth and abundance, only then you would be able to access your subconscious mind to manifest money through the law of attraction. 


The manifestation of money is not difficult but it requires time and a lot of focus. You can easily attract money by using the law of attraction, and you will begin to notice astonishing results that would further add more power to it. Following are the few steps through which you can powerfully manifest money by using the law of attraction: 

Step #1 - Ask yourself why you want to manifest money

In the first step, you have to get cleared about why you want to manifest money, ask yourself calmly. You may want the money to buy a new house or you may want the money to travel 

abroad. Through asking you will feel the joy within your heart as you begin to think about enjoying the things you want to manifest the money for. This will also shift you towards the different frequency of your thought because when you begin to think about the things you want to achieve through wealth then you would feel great and your vibration rise which directly aligned you with your desire. 

Step #2 - Clearly decide how much money you want to manifest

In the second step, you have to decide how much money you want to manifest in your life. If you aren’t clear about the exact amount of money you want to manifest then the law of attraction will bring unclear results so it is very important for you to get clarified with your desire. 

Step #3 - Believe and feel having the money as it is manifested

Once you have decided how much money you want to manifest then in the third step you have to emit the frequency of having the money that you need. For this, you have to believe that you are already having it, and how would you feel when you are having it? Of course, you will thrill in joy, and you will feel very happy and that is what you have to do in this step. Once you feel the feelings of having the amount of money you want then you are on the path of manifesting it. 

Step #4 - Visualize yourself having the money you want

Visualizing your desire is also an important part of the manifestation process which is the fourth step. Creative visualization is one of the most powerful processes when you going to manifest any of your desires. Once you have connected yourself with the frequency of money now in this step, visualize yourself having the money and using it for something you need it for. You might be wanted the money to open a new business or to pay for the debt, visualize it clearly until it feels real to you. You can also add your other sensory factors while visualizing your desire like hearing, smell, or touching and by doing so, you can boost up your manifestation. 

Step #5 - Keep feeling good and maintain your feelings

After visualizing your desire, you must feel good and maintain your feelings, that’s what step five is all about. Whenever you feel that your mind is being distracted by the negative thoughts then bring back your attention towards your desire by feeling that you have already achieved it. Feeling good is the root of all manifestations. 

Step #6 - Start taking some actions

The last step of manifesting money through the law of attraction is taking action. You can’t follow the path of manifestation if don’t take action. Many people fail to manifest their desires because they think that only just by thinking and visualizing their desires they will be able to completely manifest them which is not the right way to manifest anything. To manifest the 

money you want you have to start reasoning that what actions you can take that would take you towards achieving it. There would be many things that you may want to take actions on, but when you are feeling great about the money you want then take the actions that feel great to you and that are causing you energetically to move forward. Remember one thing, that before taking any action you must make sure that you have to feel great while taking any action because when you are feeling the enthusiasm of taking the action then you are less than halfway towards the manifestation of wealth. Such actions are called inspired actions. 


If you are looking for boosting up your manifestation to attract money, even more faster so there are several other practices through which the law of attraction can also work in a very powerful way. Following are some of the powerful practices to manifest money: 

1. Using meditation practice to attract money

Meditation is a very powerful practice that is being used by many people all around the world. Most people use meditation practice to calm their minds so that they can release all negative thoughts from it and increase their energy level. But meditation is not only about relaxing and quieting the mind but you can also use it for manifesting your desires in a very effective way. To manifest money through meditation all you need to do first is to find a quiet and comfortable place to sit where you can feel better. Close your eyes and start taking long deep breaths at least 5 times until you feel completely relaxed. Once you completely reach into the place of deeper relaxation start visualizing yourself living a life with financial abundance and as well as truly believing that it is true. As you believe in it, then you will start to begin to feel the joy of an abundant life more easily because while meditating all the resistant thoughts have been eliminated from your mind completely and you reach the highest frequency of your mind. Visualize all the scenes in your mind, you may visualize traveling to different places, meeting new people, and having the wealth that fulfills all your needs. Keep yourself being in this meditative state for at least 10 to 15 minutes until you intuitively feel that it is done. As you complete this process then open your eyes, you will feel fresh, energetic, and becoming excited to take any action which leads you directly to the path of manifesting money through people, events, and opportunities. 

2. Using gratitude practice to attract money

The money will come to you only when you focus on abundance which means you have to think about the positive things in your life and being grateful for the things you already have. If you are not being grateful for the things you have today then you won’t be able to manifest more money. As Robert Brault who is one of the best writers said “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Using the gratitude practice you will be able to direct your focus on the things you want because as you focus on the things you want then you will automatically begin to attract more of those things that you desire for. For 

this practice, you can take a notebook and write down at least ten of those things that the universe has already delivered it to you. It may be the mobile phone you are using or a car you drive or the book you read, it can be anything. Just right ten of these things each in a sentence like “I am so much grateful for ________” and write the name of that thing. After you have written about all of the ten things then loudly read out the sentence of each thing one by one and feel the gratitude for each of the things by saying “Thank you very much” at the end of each sentence. Do this practice once a day and the best way to start do this practice is during the morning time. By doing so, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of manifesting money by potentially increasing your emotional scale in a very positive way through which you will attract more money into your life consistently. 

3. Using positive affirmations to attract money

Other than meditation and gratitude practice you can use affirmations for not only manifesting money but also for making an abundant mindset. For manifesting money, affirmations are highly effective tools as they work like spells. Affirmations can quickly alter your beliefs about money positively and can remove all sorts of limiting beliefs about money from your mind. To start with this practice you have to create some affirmations for attracting money. Following are some of the affirmations you can use for manifesting money: 

  • “I always attract a large amount of money miraculously.” 
  • “The whole universe is abundant with wealth and there is more than enough.”
  • “I love to attract more money in my life.” 
  • “I can manifest as money much as I want.”
  • “The universe always delivers me the money at the right time.” 
  • “I am completely aligned with money and I attract it effortlessly.”

You can use these affirmations early in the morning when you wake up, with the following process:

1. Choose any one of the affirmations and say them louder in an energetic way 3 to 5 times a day on different occasions.
2. When you notice any negative thought entering your mind then don’t it focus on it and bring your focus back to the affirmations by repeating them.
3. Feel each of the words of the affirmation by believing that it is true without any shred of doubt.

Do this practice especially during the morning and at night before sleeping. For further boosting your manifestation you can also use affirmations after doing meditation. By using affirmations you will observe great changes in your daily life concerning money and you will be able to take actions for your goals effortlessly. Many people found their way towards complete abundance and have overcome their financial issues just by using affirmations. Affirmation practice is one of the easiest practices that you can use in your daily life and yet it is a very powerful practice. The words you speak contain energies of different levels that you do miracles in your day to day experiences. 

Will To Manifest Team

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