December 4


How to Manifest a Dream Home In 2021 (13 Steps)

By Will To Manifest Team

December 4, 2020

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Are you trying to manifest your dream home and are searching for manifestation or Law of Attraction tips to kickstart or improve your manifestation process? Whether you're trying to manifest a house or an apartment, look no further as you are in the right place. In this short and substantial article, you are going to find practical, instructive advice on how to successfully manifest your ideal home in 2021.  Unlike articles on the internet that barely scratch the surface, we'll be going much further so even if you're new to these topics, this article will set you on the right course and if you're experienced, you'll likely pick up nuances here you won't find elsewhere.

In this article, we're going to help you understand your goals, develop a successful attitude, and learn useful techniques working with manifestation and the Law of Attraction. We're also going to instruct you in how to use some effective techniques like affirmations, visualization meditations, root chakra healing (crucial when manifesting material belongs). Last but not least, you will learn how to write a step-by-step plan which will significantly increase your chances to manifest the home of your dreams.

Let’s start by discussing the current situation though as we have an empowering manifestation tip regarding it...

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. Even though mortgage rates are historically at their lowest point now, it doesn't mean that buyers aren't struggling. The down payments are increasing; if you don’t have an excellent credit score, you may have trouble obtaining a loan. Lenders want to make sure that debtors can afford what they’re borrowing right now. In the past year millions of people lost their jobs and even big businesses in the United States had to declare bankruptcy.

But that’s not everything, unfortunately. When WHO declared the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, homeowners started worrying about their future, too, and housing prices skyrocketed. Some decided to temporarily leave the market, but real estate assets offer protection from inflation and Demand began exceeding supply, and now, even affordable housing is expensive in many places (which you’ve probably noticed).  According to real estate experts, this trend might continue in the next few years but there is uncertainty.  The market could eventually go down too if the economy continues to be hit by the pandemic longer than expected.

Although we know this doesn't sound optimistic, there is a silver lining.  First by knowing about the situation, you can deepen your intuition in the process of manifesting your home and adopt a patient and informed attitude that will help you see things in perspective.  

Second, one could argue that in a situation like this, your ability to manifest your dream home is even GREATER as there is chaos and uncertainty in the market.  This means something unbelievable could happen...the impossible becomes more possible, including good fortune. 

Opportunities are coming to you

This thought is captured in the famous New Thought author Florence Scovel Schinn's affirmation "My seeming impossible good now comes to pass, the unexpected now happens!"  This means for example, that an exceptionally good deal could come your way that would be harder to obtain "when things are going well" in the economy and real estate market.  Maybe a house in your neighbor goes for sale as a distressed property and your one of the first to hear get the picture and know that this is VERY possible now.

So with that said, one key thing to add is that no matter how challenging the situation may appear to be, you have an ace up your sleeve. That ace is the Law Of Attraction and the manifestation process which in a nutshell follows the principle "what you focus on, you attract and get".  This is your powerful innate ability to manifest things in your life through consciousness, intention and energy.  Don’t listen to skeptics who never tested it with an open mind, or naysayers who failed to manifest what they wanted.  They either haven't given it enough time, didn't take action or put in enough effort, failed to change their subconscious beliefs, or they failed to integrate their shadow or do their inner work (unblock).

So by focusing your attention and energy and shifting your mental, emotional and energetic state to attune to your goal, you will begin to bring the realization of that goal more and more into your reality and move in the direction of its obtainment.   It is more than  physical effort - it works through synchronicity and "directing" one's luck, but you'll also find you can "bypass" physical limitations to reaching your goal if your expectation, belief and focus are strong.  Now reciting mantras, writing affirmations, visualizing, and acting 'as if' matters and works for most people, especially when you're trying to manifest people, opportunities, and events. However, improving finances and creating assets requires more. The right action in physical reality is crucial: you’ll have to check your credit score, prepare a down payment, and contact real estate agents... These steps will not only help you set your manifestation plans in motion, but bring you all available opportunities, too. The Law Of Attraction will provide the good luck you need, so, don’t worry - but be pro-active.

Below, you will find step-by-step advice, which will simplify your manifestation process and give you clear instructions on what to do to manifest your ideal home. Very often, people who want to reach this goal don't know where to start or what to do next.  We've got you covered!

Step 1 - Get clear on what home you want

Get as clear as you can about the home you want.  If it helps, look on the internet at homes, surf websites like Zillow.  Start to build a mental model of your ideal home to manifest.  Next do one of two things depending on which one you resonate with: 

Get clear on what new home you want to manifest

1. If your resonate with using a vision board, add an image or construct an image of the house on your vision board.

2. An alternative is to just add the description of the home to your manifestation journal or to a list of things you want to manifest.  You can put 1-2 sentences or you can be very detailed or more vague in your description, depending on what you prefer.  People can be specific manifestors or non-specific manifestors so you may find you lean in one direction or the other.  

Some questions to help you: Where is the house going to be located?  How many rooms does it have?  What are the rooms like?  How will you decorate the rooms?  How will you feel once you have this home and once your living in it?

They key is to try to come from the heart and cultivate a strong will with what you want, so you can align your frequency with it.  You want to desire it but you also don't want to overdo it - don't get manic over it or emotional in "wanting it", instead develop a calm but strong will, along with an expectation that this is already yours.  Focus on the feeling you have as if you already had it.  

Step #2 - Focus on your needs
In the beginning phase of the manifestation process, you must differentiate between your needs and your wants.


Well, it’s much easier to manifest what you need rather than what you want. Needs are stronger vibrationally - they are 'must haves' in your reality. They're the calls of your soul, while wants are often casual whims triggered by inspiring surroundings or short-term emotions. When searching for the right house, make sure you focus on what you need - cause that's what the Law Of Attraction will provide, and that's what you'll subconsciously pay most attention to.

When figuring out your needs, don’t let other people’s dreams distract you. We know everyone in the Law Of Attraction community wants a three-story mansion with beautiful manicured gardens and a picket fence, but don't pressure yourself to chase this goal if it doesn't work for you. Manifest what works for you! It's ok if it's just a modern apartment, or even one room - a single person may have different needs than a family with three kids.

Why don’t you take your “search for a perfect home” even further? Meditate or journal about the question: What does a dream home mean for me?

You may figure out that it’s not about the building, but about a family; or about having a safe space, which would be only yours. Don’t be afraid to explore your desires, even if they’re out of your reach right now. The Universe loves to over deliver, and if you don’t get what you want now, it may happen later. Creating your reality is a constant process. You may believe that three years from now, you'll only afford a small apartment, but how can you know you won't inherit a villa at the seaside, or marry someone with greater financial possibilities?

One important thing here is to think about your self-worth.   We have a deep need to flourish, to live life to its fullest and become whole as individuals.  You're true needs should not be "trimmed" or "cut down" in any way because you don't think you're worth or deserving.  Be generous to yourself to meet your needs IN FULL.  You deserve the best for YOU.

After this, you can just turn your needs into your wants.  You can tell yourself now that everything you want is actually something you ideally need and deserve!

Step #3 - Make an honest reality check of your financial situation
Just as you may feel tempted to ignore certain red flags, you may want to totally let go of your current reality. The reality will change anyways, but remember that this is where you're starting from. While you can let go of your failed relationships in one second flat - by simply deciding, you're moving on - you can't do the same with your low credit score. You can't just throw your credit report in the trash and pretend that it doesn't exist! You will need to prove you're financially trustworthy to get any mortgage. This will require paying off your credit cards and saving money for a down payment.

We know that many claim the Law Of Attraction doesn't need someone working with it to have everything figured out, but if you want to increase your chances of manifesting a dream house as soon as possible, you can’t ignore your current situation. It will change, but for now, it’s what you have. It’s your starting point, so, analyze it well with the intent of finding ways to bring it closer to your vision. You can’t get to where you want to be without knowing where you are.  We don't want to necessarily get stuck in it, but we want to use our power as creators to begin to shift it in the direction of that which we want to manifest with action.  

Seeing your external reality begin to change and seeing yourself take actions to change it, will increase your belief that your vision is getting closer as well as increase your belief in yourself, increasing your overall magnetism in turn.

Step #4 - Stay positive and cultivate the right response to contrast
Looking at things in reality that create contrast with our dreams, lowers our vibration and energetic alignment with our vision, in this case the home we want. Don't let this happen and don't let your focus fall on things that sabotage your beliefs about the home you want to manifest.  It's important to keep your expectation that your home will materialize, strong, firm and immune to doubt.  If this happens naturally out of your control, no worries and don't freak out, just stay in a calm positive state and redirect your attention, or flip what you're seeing or perceiving.  Sometimes LOA practitioners or teachers will overemphasize the importance of positive thinking and downplay or ignore other factors, but we also don't want to ignore it.

If a family member says something like "well you don't have much money and won't be able to afford a new home", flip this immediately in your mind and see it from the most optimistic perspective you realistically can.  You could respond or simply say to yourself in reply "It may have been that way in the past, but that has been changing and is continuing to change now".  You get the idea.

This also applies to your own thought.  Each time you feel depressed over your finances and start to have negative thinking in this area, make an effort to flip the script. Tell yourself: “I'm just starting and in a period of low wealth. Everything is getting better and I'm moving closer to owning my ideal house every single day!”  Then focus on what you're grateful for.  You can also use these situations as an opportunity to use an affirmation that counters the underlying fear-belief.  This can slowly change your brain's wiring and your remove subconscious beliefs and programming that may be leading to these thoughts in the first place.  We'll address this in the next step below.

Look to the future with optimism, because that's where your dream home is, not in the past! Let your affirmations, manifestation journal, vision board, goals list, etc., continuously remind you of the direction in which you're going and feed your expectation.  They are powerful tools that focus your attention and direct your magnetism to what you want.  They also bring about opportunities for you to change yourself or your life, to align with your focus, and  bring that "possibility" into your reality!

In general however, don't don't freak out if you have negative or contrasting thoughts as they won't instantly sabotage what it is you're trying to manifest.  The key thing is to try to observe them calmly, but then try to catch the emotions early on before they get outside of your control.  You can also use this as an opportunity to see what triggered you in the first place - is there a belief you can change or something you need to work on personally, so you won't get triggered by the same thing next time?  Last you can use a simple technique - put your hand over your heart and focus on your breathing for 2 minutes. This syncs the heart with the brain and stimulates the prefrontal cortex of your brain, helping you to retake control of your emotions and thoughts.

The bottom line is that if contrast or negative thinking arises in your reality, focus on the best response to them and don't feed any energy into them.

Step #5 - Remove every mental obstacle and disempowering belief

Take a serious look at your beliefs about a home and money.  You have to do your best to change any subconscious beliefs about a home or money that may limit your ability to manifest a new home.

For example, perhaps you are from a family who never owned, only rented. Seeing your parents struggling to make ends meet might have put you in a scarcity mindset. Now you naturally believe on a subconscious level that owning luxury items (or property) will forever be out of your reach or that you don't deserve it. This negative belief can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy or contribute to your manifesting something that isn't exactly what you wanted...if you let it. Don’t let this happen!

Yes, manifesting a house is a big goal, and it will take time, but by combining the right action with the Law Of Attraction, you can speed up the process.  This includes not just actions like talking to real estate agents or improving your credit score, but also action with yourself and your process of inner work.  Usually when this is being done properly it will bring you out of your comfort zone, so expect that.

Instead of telling yourself why it could never be, start telling yourself why it's going to happen. And this time, really don’t listen to naysayers, for they're just mirroring your lack of faith.

Step #6 - Consider shadow work or inner child work

Tools like affirmations, visualization and others are quite powerful, but you as a person or as consciousness are vast in your experience, potential and depth.  Most of us have carried trauma of some sort of have aspects of ourselves that need to be healed and integrated to become more whole.  Trauma wounds, disowned parts of ourselves and other deeper issues can often block or unconsciously misdirect our manifestation process.  Something not often addressed in manifestation and the Law of Attraction is the need to do this healing.  

Otherwise, things like affirmations or positive thinking may just lead to spiritual bypassing, where you are ignoring traumas or emotional issues you need to resolve or heal, by "covering it up" with fake positivity or spirituality so you can avoid looking at those problems or dealing with the discomfort of that process.  The moment you are really growing and out of your comfort zone in the process, at least a bit, is the moment your magnetism and ability to manifest can really begin to increase and take off on a fundamental level.

So one type of work that can do this is shadow work.  Our shadow, a concept from the famous psychologist Carl Jung, is a part of our selves or personality that the conscious ego does not identify with in itself.  The result is that this part of us is not integrated which can result in internal conflicts, doing or achieving things in life we think we want but really don't, getting triggered by people or situation and other things.  

Another topic related to this is inner child work, which is the inner childlike part of you which according to Merriam-Webster, is “the childlike, usually hidden part of a person's personality that is characterized by playfulness, spontaneity, and creativity usually accompanied by anger, hurt, and fear attributable to childhood experiences.” Healing your inner child focuses on uncovering and releasing the causes for the childlike aspects of your personality, so you can react to challenges in your adult life as an adult, rather than as a child.  

You can find good resources on the web for doing shadow work or inner child work, or find a therapist or coach that can work with you to help you with the process.  For some this can really turn around their ability to manifest things in their life.  Trauma and "broken" aspects of ourselves block or misdirect our displace our energy and true personal power and directly relate to our manifestation process.

Step #7 - Heal your root chakra
Did you know, balancing your root chakra will not only bring you peace of mind, but also help you manifest that house you've always been dreaming about? The root chakra, also known as Muladhara, is responsible for survival, security, shelter, and material belongings.  Think of your chakras as energy centers that are intertwined with your thoughts, emotions, physical body and external reality, each with different "properties" and ways of interacting with your consciousness.

In the past, when people used to live quite close to nature in a generally peaceful environment, the root chakra was naturally balanced. Our ancestors felt grounded in their everyday reality, they felt at one with their surroundings and elemental forces.

Now, as we live in cities, spend more time using electronic devices, connect with nature less, our bond with nature weakens - and so does our root chakra. We simply don’t tend to our roots anymore. We stop drawing spiritual energy from the Earth, we become similar to cut flowers.

We travel around the world, seeking a place that will feel like home, as we don’t realize, we are at home everywhere, no matter our current location is. We feel anxious, panicked and greedy, we worry about our finances and about the roof above our head.

In the previous paragraph, we’ve spoken about clearing mental blocks. Negative beliefs, such as “I don't deserve a dream house,” “I don't deserve abundance” are in total contrast with what the root chakra wants.

If you tune into its energy, you will know, you don't need to worry about owning, because, you already own everything that you need. The nature is willing to support you. The Universe has your back and is ready to give you a home which will provide you with a sense of security and thriving.

Unblocking and balancing your root chakra can help you manifest faster. It’s the chakra connected to your life force (known as "Qi" in Chinese traditions, and as "Prana" in Indian traditions).  There are several ways in which you can align it. The best is, of course, meditation.

Example: sit cross-legged on the floor and let the tips of your thumbs touch the tips of your index fingers - this way, you’re performing Gyan mudra, the mudra which is traditionally responsible for healing the root chakra. Close your eyes, focus your breath, and visualize a lotus or bright red light, starting at the base of your spine. You can also chant the syllable “LAM,” which is the sacred sound of Muladhara.

You can also do a body scan meditation moving your awareness or energy from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.  Another is a grounding meditation where you root your energy into the earth. Both will help you feel connected to the physical world in which your soul resides. You can take the meditation process even further, and visualize yourself meditating in your dream house, growing a bond with it.

If meditation doesn't work for you, there are other ways in which you can heal your root chakra. For example, by practicing different yoga poses, such as the warrior pose or the mountain pose. In general, all kinds of physical exercise, especially performed in nature, will improve a stable energy flow through your chakra. Walking, dancing, gardening and hiking are all great ways which can increase the vitality of your root chakra.

You can also try wearing red color, or red crystals in general, such as coral, garnet or red jasper. Essential oils for the root chakra, are cedar, patchouli, vetiver and frankincense. Most of these are standard ingredients of male perfume, because of their yang energy.  Experiment and see what works for you, depending on your belief system and intuitive preference.

Step #8 - Visualize and act ‘as if’
When trying to manifest your dream house, visualization matters A LOT. First of all, it helps us imagine what we want, and realize everything that needs to change in our current reality, for us to “level up.” Also, it creates very vivid mental images, and thus, acts as a manifestation beacon that pulls things towards us even more.

Let's do a quick exercise now. Try to picture your dream house, and engage all five senses. Imagine smelling freshly painted walls or cupcakes from your new oven. Play with a key chain, to feel like the house’s owner. Say in your mind: “Thank you, Universe, for this beautiful house, I'm living in!”  Add more to this that you can think of on your own.

Another fantastic way to act ‘as if’ is by appreciating where you currently are. Take care of your current house as if it were your dream one. Express gratitude for the home you have now.  Don’t feel upset about never-ending chores - they are a great way in which you can build a relationship with your current place. Fill your rooms with beautiful objects, use crystals to enhance energies, and practice gratitude. This will bring more abundance to your reality. Show the Universe how much you value what you already own, and you will receive something that’s even better.

Step #9 - Say your affirmations
As long time Law Of Attraction practitioners, we must emphasize the importance of affirming. Mantras were used for centuries to alter one's state of consciousness in spiritual practices. Although acting 'as if' and visualizing are both close cousins of affirming, you shouldn't ignore the power of daily journaling. Writing affirmations forces you to think better thoughts, focus your energy and changes your subconscious beliefs.  As a result, you alter your reality and what shows up in it.

Below, you're going to find several affirmations you can use to manifest the dream house. We know choosing the right affirmations - that is, ones that work for you - is not an easy process. For this reason, we've included both short and long affirmations, as well as ones that address the issue of manifesting your perfect home, from different angles. All affirmations have been tested by us or people we work with.

Let's start with basic affirmations that are meant to increase your vibration in general. They will help you tap into your power, and mentally and spiritually prepare for the material abundance, which is about to come. Remember, any negative beliefs or low moods may hinder the manifestation process. So, only move on to home-related affirmations if you believe your current frequency is high enough.  If you need to, stretch, take a few deep breaths and do what you need to in order to improve you state right before using the affirmations.

1. I love myself now, in the future, and always.
2. I believe in myself and in my personal power.
3. I am spiritually aligned with the infinite Universe*.
4. I attract everything that my heart energy desires.
5. I am lucky and great things happen to me.
6. I allow and create success in all areas of my life.
7. I am always safe and secure.
8. I am loved. I am worthy. I am enough.
9. I am unconditionally loved by the Universe*.
10. I am allowed to enjoy the abundance provided by the Universe*.

*You can change the word Universe to Multiverse, Compassionate Universe, God, Goddess, Infinite Consciousness, Divine Source or any other benevolent higher power, deity or energy you believe in.

Once you feel mentally prepared to begin working with the Law Of Attraction for manifestation purposes, check the home-related affirmations listed below. Feel free to change the word “home” with any other word that suits your needs.

The affirmations are divided into five categories created to guide you through every stage of the manifestation process.

• I love myself, and deserve to live in my perfect home.
• I deserve to live in a charming place that lifts my spirit.
• I deserve to have a beautiful home that meets my needs.
• I desire a new home, and the Universe is helping me receive it.
• The Universe is mirroring my mindset of abundance, bringing me the gift of my ideal home.
• I take all the right steps to manifest my dream home, and the Universe reacts accordingly.
• My family and I deserve to enjoy our wonderful home.

• I know I can find the right home for my family.
• I’m so grateful that my new home is being prepared for me.
• I am a dream home magnet.
• I strongly believe in my capability to attract a dream home.
• My loving intuition is leading me to the perfect home for me.
• As I attract the home of my dreams, the home of my dreams attracts me.
• Each day, I’m moving closer to walking into the home I desire.

• I release the fear of owning.
• I release the fear of challenges related to owning.
• Owning is easy and effortless, I love every aspect of it.
• I own a beautiful home, which makes me feel genuine joy.
• I feel deep gratitude for my new and fantastic home.
• I am grateful for my brand-new home.
• The home I own fits my needs perfectly.

• My new home is here right now, waiting for me.
• The perfect home for my family is available to us right now.
• I enjoy the thought of moving into my dream home.
• I am moving into a new home I love.
• I enjoy furnishing and decorating my dream home.
• I moved into my new home, and feel extremely happy.
• I’m starting a loving relationship with the home I’m moving into.

• I am peacefully living in the home of my dreams.
• I am living a perfect life in my excellent home.
• My beloved home makes me feel safe and secure.
• My new home’s doors are always open for loving people.
• My new home offers a fantastic space for living joyful moments.
• I’m in perfect harmony with the brand-new home I’m living in.
• I adore living in my dream home and am thankful to the Universe for it.
• I live in the home of my dreams
• I live in the perfect home for me.

Make sure you repeat these affirmations regularly. Let them reprogram subconsciousness and amplify your heart's desire and your intention.  This will also change the state of your energy field and make you more magnetic to what you intend to bring in.  You can spend a few minutes in the morning, or morning and evening, to read them over or repeat them in your mind.  You can also repeatedly write them down.

We strongly invite you to come up with your personal affirmations, too. You’re the only one who knows your thought landscape. If you catch yourself repeating a negative thought, write a counter response or opposite as an affirmation and repeat it, until the original thought loses its power.  

An expert tip:
If an affirmation doesn’t feel ‘right,’ it's possible you don’t really believe in it. When faced with this, go on a scavenger hunt for arguments in favor of the affirmation.  If the affirmation 

Step #10 - Keep your eyes open
If you frequently read Law Of Attraction advice, you know that it is advised to ignore the negative and focus only on what you want. It makes sense to some extent - if we let non-believers lower our vibration, we'll let them decide upon our reality.

You may feel tempted to ignore red flags while trying to manifest your perfect house, but don't do it. The fact you can't see a problem doesn't mean that there isn't potential for it. Our vibrational state is never completely perfect. We usually have some inner negativity that triggers unwanted manifestations or contrast to what we desire... if not today, then tomorrow, if not tomorrow, then next get the picture. Keep your eyes open, but don't catastrophize... stay relaxed.

Check the neighborhood's crime reports, and ask around about the quality of life. Inform yourself whether there are important facilities nearby (grocery stores, bus stops, hospitals, etc.). If you haven't found a relatively stable source of income yet, or if your kids are about to go to school, research career and education opportunities in the zone. Also, avoid buildings located in tourist areas, unless you don't mind streets bustling with life till the late night hours.

Last but not least, listen to your intuition. If you walk into an apartment and know that's not it, don't force yourself to pick it, just because it meets most of your requirements. Honor whatever your intuition tries to tell you!

Step #11 - Take real-life steps to your goal
Once you’re settled about reaching your goal, it's time to get a real-life plan. Carefully write down all steps separating you from getting that dream house. Try to be as specific as possible: if you notice an action that seems quite complicated, don’t hesitate to break it into smaller milestones. Your plan could look like this:

1. Analyze your spending habits
• Cut down unnecessary expenses.
• Research ways to live more frugally.

2. Pay any overdue bills and debts on your credit cards.
• Pay off your highest interest bearing debts first as much as you can monthly

3. If your debts are paid off or 

3. Check your credit score and improve it.
• Ask for a credit report.
• Learn how to read it.
• Learn what affects your credit score to improve it.

4. Research how much your dream house costs.
• Begin saving up money for a down payment.
• Open a savings account if you don't have one already.

5. Contact a real estate agent to see homes.

6. Visit houses and bid for the best offer you can find.
Now when you’re done writing the plan, add everything that could be an advantage for you. Perhaps you know an outstanding financial advisor who has helped your friends get out of debt. Or, you own another property you can sell fast to get cash for a down payment.

7. If you find a house that is "the one" but your reality doesn't seem to give you the ability to obtain it, don't worry - visit it anyway with an agent, visualize what you'd do in each room, and feel what it would be like to be living there already.

Also follow positive synchronicities as they arise - these are unusual and meaningful coincidences that seem to bring you in the direction of your vision.

Step #12 - Don’t forget about the people involved
Even though your dream house is only a building, you can't manifest it without other people's help. Bank clerks, real estate agents, and homeowners will start appearing in your reality very soon, and trust us, you will want your interactions with them to be pleasant and stress-free.

For this reason, don’t just visualize the perfect house; visualize people who surround it, too. Create a mental picture in which you meet the ideal real estate agent and the perfect homeowner. See these interactions going really well.  This will help you remain optimistic about the conversations and the transaction.

Don’t get too involved in bidding wars, and don't be annoyed if prices are too high. Shrug it off, and keep being positive instead. The Universe will eventually match you with the right people and a building that meets all your needs.

Step #13 - Give it time
When you make up your mind to manifest something, your physical reality starts shifting. Sometimes, changes become visible quite fast... but not always. Remember, just because your dream house hasn't shown up in your reality yet, it doesn't mean that the Law Of Attraction isn't working! It is. Be patient, remind yourself that sooner or later, you’re going to get what you want. Stop worrying, enjoy the journey!

It may not appear easy to manifest a home - especially now - but it’s still a very tangible goal for those who work on their manifesting.  Remember that the current situation of uncertainty also creates the opposite effect - opportunity. You just need to focus on your needs, keep your eyes open for opportunities and synchronicities, stay positive (but authentic), and remove obstacles inside and outside of yourself. Analyze your current reality, write down a plan, and don’t forget about the people involved. You will make a quantum leap sooner than you think! The Law Of Attraction keeps working at all times, and if you only use it in the right way, it will make the perfect house show up in your physical reality very soon.

One thing to bear in mind is that you may get "tests" from the universe.  This means you may be sent a house or apartment that meets some of your requirements but not all - if possible try to hold out for a better one unless your gut tells you that's the one.  Often in our manifestation process we get sent "tests" and if we can avoid settling for them (which equates to settling "for less" or accepting a lower self-worth) then the real manifestation we desire can come after this.


We want to wish you good luck with your manifestation process and if you put everything into practice, we know you'll obtain the home you want in 2021!   As you can see from the article there are many things you can do or take action on - do as many as you can and for the personal development processes like visualization, affirmations, shadow work, etc, it's better to stick with one or two and add more as you have the time, without stopping the ones you're already doing.  Going deeper in one or two is much better then spreading your energy thin across many.

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Feel free to share this article with everyone who could use it, and don't forget to share your own stories of manifestation success in the comments section below!  We'll also do our best to answer any questions you have.

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How to Manifest The Perfect Home For You

Lana Shlafer discusses several key blocks you may need to tackle in manifesting your dream home:
3 Blocks Keeping You From Manifesting Your Dream Home

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Roxy Lee discusses how she manifested her new home using visualization and more:
I Manifested A House (By Ignoring My Current Reality!)

Lana Shlafer made a video on how she manifested her dream home that compliments the article above:
I Manifested My Dream Home (again) in just 4 Days!

Will To Manifest Team

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The Will To Manifest Team is our in-house team writers who are all long time students, practitioners (and in some case teachers) regarding manifestation, the law of attraction, mindset and related topics. We conduct thorough research and ground our articles in both personal experiences within the wider community, and science, to ensure the highest quality information in the manifestation field.

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