Welcome to Will To Manifest!

If you're looking for high quality information on manifestation and the law of attraction, you've come to the write place.  Our purpose is to be a huge source for high quality articles and resources on manifestation, the law of attraction, and personal development.  Our company was started in 2020 after we saw an opportunity to provide deeper and better quality information on personal development as it relates to manifesting and the law of attraction.

What's your approach?
Despite occasional over-commercialization and superficial treatment, the topics of manifestation and the law of attraction are real phenomena experienced by possibly millions of people consciously or unconsciously, worldwide.  It is worthy of serious attention and study.  We try to publish quality content that is thorough, practical, considers all aspects of human development and potential, and is grounded in research when possible.  We believe in a very practical approach - if something works, let's use it and study it.  We may not have a clear or ultimately complete understanding of these topics scientifically, but we don't need to in order to use them to improve and change ourselves, and our lives.  Overall we believe it's important to look at scientific research as well as the experience of thousands, if not millions of people in order to understand these topics.  This includes the wisdom of practitioners and teachers who have "walked the walk" in this area.  Also personal development teachers and spiritual teachers can have conflicting experiences and views with these topics and we don't think that's a problem.  There are many angles to these topics and 

What does your name mean?
Our name is a little bit of a play on the idea that we help support the will of your authentic self in manifesting the life you want.  

Who writes your articles?
Our articles are either written by our staff (in-house writing team), or independent manifestation and law of attraction experts.  

Can I guess blog on your site?
If you are a manifestation / law of attraction content creator and would be interested in guest blogging, please submit your proposal to inquiries(at)willtomanifest.com.  Note that we only publish quality articles that must bring some originality in content, topic, approach or style.  We'll email you with conditions and requirements, but please note that each article must be a minimum of 1,000 words.  We focus on depth and quality over quantity.

I have suggestions for your site, where can I send them?
If you are a reader or subscriber to our email list and have any suggestions for articles you'd like to see, feel free to email us at inquiries(at)willtomanifest.com.